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Faculty Promotion

Faculty Promotion
A、 Rules and Regulation
  NCKU Regulations for Faculty Promotion
  NCKU Evaluation Directions for Faculty Promotion
B、 Form
   (Please submit four USB flash drives with PDF files of the Form No.1-6. )
    Form Download
  1. MOE-designated Teacher Qualification Resume Form B
  2. A maximum of five academic works submitted for promotion, with one as the representative work and the others as reference works.  
  3. Certificate of Co-Authorship of Representative Publication for Teacher Qualifications. Single-author applicants are not required to complete this form.
  4. Faculty Publications Evaluation Form
  5. A List of Non-NCKU Research Projects Implemented by the Applicant Since Appointment or Promotion to the Last Rank of Faculty Qualification
  6. Summary of Contributions of the Applicant to Academia, Industry, and Society in Terms of Teaching, Research, and Service and Student Counseling
   (Please submit one hard copy of the Form No.1-3)
    Form Download
  1. Teaching Performance Evaluation Form
  2. Thesis/Dissertation Advising Evaluation Form
  3. Results of the student course questionnaire surveys from the last three years.
Service and Student Counseling
   (Please submit one hard copy)
    Form Download
    Service and Student Counseling Evaluation Form